Quick tip: Using format strings with string interpolation in C#

String interpolation syntax introduced in C# 6 provides a convenient and readable alternative to string.Format. I have used it many times, but only recently have I learned it supports format string syntax as well, which was previously the reason I had to fall back to using string.Format. For example:

Can be written succinctly using

Xamarin.Forms – Změna barvy vybrané položky v UWP

Xamarin.Forms obsahuje ovladací prvek ListView, který nabízí bohaté funkce včetně výběru položky seznamu. V případě UWP je barva výběru udávána aktuálním nastavením barveného motivu operačního systému. Obvyklým požadavkem však je lépe přizpůsobit aplikaci vlastnímu brandingu. V tomto článku se podíváme, jak na to.

Xamarin.Forms – Changing selected item color in UWP

Xamarin.Forms has a built-in ListView control which offers rich cross-platform functionality including item selection. In case of UWP the color of the selected item is by default determined by the current accent color of the OS. However, it is a common requirement to customize this to better match the branding of your application. In this

Solving SerializationException with Entity Framework 6 tooling

Code-first migrations in Entity Framework 6 are a great tool to work with most of the time, but when they hit you with an error, they like to do so in inexplicable ways. One of those is a SerializationException during any of the EF-related commands. In this article, I will show you what helps fix