Microsoft Build 2018 – Day 2

Third article from my Build 2018 series focuses on day 2 of the conference. We will go through all the cool things from the first keynote, check out a few talks, get the best burger in Seattle and finish ourselves off with some yummy ice cream. Stay tuned!

Úprava viditelnosti pojmenovaných XAML elementů

Atribut x:Name v XAMLu vytváří pro elementy členské položky třídy, které lze použít pro přístup k ovladacím prvkům z kódu. Narozdíl od WPF však v UWP jsou tyto položky třídy definovány jako private, což znamená, že k nim je možné přistupovat pouze z třídy samotné. Pokud vezmeme v potaz, že z hlediska architektury by to

Modifying XAML named field visibility

The x:Name attribute in XAML creates named fields that you can use to access the controls from the code-behind. However, as opposed to WPF, in UWP these fields are private which means you can access them from the code-behind only, not from other classes. While noting it is a good idea from architectural standpoint, is

How to show touch keyboard on touch interaction with WPF TextBoxes

Updated November 2016 – .NET Framework 4.6.2 Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) apps have a bit harder life in the touch-enabled world. In WinRT apps, the touch keyboard shows up automatically when a text field gets focus so that the user can type without the need of a classic keyboard (no interrupting of her touch workflow). For