Xamarin.Forms – Změna barvy vybrané položky v UWP

Xamarin.Forms obsahuje ovladací prvek ListView, který nabízí bohaté funkce včetně výběru položky seznamu. V případě UWP je barva výběru udávána aktuálním nastavením barveného motivu operačního systému. Obvyklým požadavkem však je lépe přizpůsobit aplikaci vlastnímu brandingu. V tomto článku se podíváme, jak na to.

Xamarin.Forms – Changing selected item color in UWP

Xamarin.Forms has a built-in ListView control which offers rich cross-platform functionality including item selection. In case of UWP the color of the selected item is by default determined by the current accent color of the OS. However, it is a common requirement to customize this to better match the branding of your application. In this

Microsoft Build 2018 – Day 2

Third article from my Build 2018 series focuses on day 2 of the conference. We will go through all the cool things from the first keynote, check out a few talks, get the best burger in Seattle and finish ourselves off with some yummy ice cream. Stay tuned!

Customizing day numbers in UWP CalendarView

The CalendarView control in UWP is one of the many useful building blocks that will help you create your app easily. The control itself is quite customizable. But what if you want to customize the numbers for individual days in month? We will explore this question in this article.

Skrytí hlavičky NavigationView v UWP

Ovladací prvek NavigationView který byl přidán v aktualizaci Fall Creators Update pro Windows 10 je velmi užitečný nástroj pro vytváření uživatelsky přívětivé hamburger menu navigace, která zapadá do UX guidelines UWP aplikací. NavigationView obsahuje prostor pro hlavičku, kam můžete vložit titulek vaší stránky aplikace. Co když však hlavičku nechceme zobrazovat?

Hiding NavigationView header in UWP

The NavigationView control added in the Fall Creators Update of Windows 10 is a very useful tool for creating nice hamburger menu navigation that fits the guidelines of UWP apps. The control however includes a “header” area, that gives you a chance to provide a title of your page on the top. What if we

Checking for design mode in Xamarin.Forms

Visual Studio for Windows and Mac now includes Xamarin XAML Previewer, which allows you to preview your Xamarin.Forms XAML without having to launch the app. Unfortunately, there are times when your page constructor contains code that cannot be run in design mode (for example service resolution, etc.) and causes the previewer to crash. Can we