Microsoft Build 2018 – day (-1) and 0

After missing out for two years on Microsoft Build I was lucky enough to get an irresistible offer from the Mixed Reality team at Microsoft to join this year’s developer conference in Seattle and naturally I seized this opportunity without second thoughts. This post summarizes the pre-event days – Saturday and Sunday before the show.

The dark theme of this year's logo is cool
The dark theme of this year’s logo is cool

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Adding GitHub upstream remote in Visual Studio

Forking and opening a GitHub repo in Visual Studio is a matter of seconds. But how to keep your fork up-to-date easily, all within the Team Explorer window? All you need to do is to add the upstream remote.

Navigate to your cloned fork in Team Explorer, click the title bar to reveal repository menu and select Settings.


In the opened page select Repository Settings and then find the Remotes section at the bottom:


Click the Add link to open the Add Remote dialog window. Here fill out:

  • Name – upstream
  • Fetch – URL of the original GitHub repository you forked
  • Push – same as Fetch
  • Push matches fetch – leave checked
Adding upstream remote
Adding upstream remote

Confirm with Save and that’s almost it. Now we just need to do a fetch to get the current state of the upstream. Click the title of the Team Explorer window again and navigate to Sync:


And from the top menu click the Fetch link, select upstream from the dropdown menu and click Fetch. Now the branches from the repository should be available in the Branches view and you can merge the latest changes from upstream in your fork.

Notes from Windows Community Standup (February 2018)

Channel9 hosted a Widows Community Standup on February 22 featuring Kevin Gallo and Andrew Whitechapel.

The three main topics that were discussed were UWP Console applications, multi-instance apps and broader file access. You can watch the recording on Channel9 or right here.

If you just want to get a quick peek at the news, read on the rest of the article, because I have prepared a compact summary for you 🙂 .

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Tip: Force-reinstall NuGet packages

NuGet is a great package manager, but sometimes it misbehaves and packages are either not properly downloaded or are not properly included in your project. Whenever you come across this, I recommend doing a force-reinstall of all packages.

In Visual Studio go to Tools -> NuGet Package Manager -> Package Management Console . In the Package Manager Console window then enter the following command:

This will go package by package and force-reinstall them the opened solution.

If you want to force-reinstall packages only for one specific project instead of the whole solution, you can add the -ProjectName switch: